How to achieve the hotel profits you always wanted

Putting Heads on beds

Whatever your situation, here is a book that has the power to transform your business; and your life.

Whether you

  • are new to the hotel business
  • are developing a few letting rooms at your pub
  • just need some refreshing new thoughts

Using this wide-ranging but practical book you will be able to develop your own blueprint for a successful future.

In a step-by-step process you will discover the secrets of successful hotel marketing. Experience how a few basic principles could transform your thinking and improve your hotel’s profits.

Within this book are the building blocks that you need to develop a profitable hotel business.

  • Understand how to identify your target market and develop a differentiated product.
  • Want to refurbish your rooms but need to make sure that you get it right? Learn all you need about identifying what is important to your target market.
  • Learn what information to keep and then what to do with it.
  • Exploiting the power of the Internet is vital. It is now definitely possible to compete on equal terms with the ‘big boys’. Discover just how to optimise your own site and find distribution channels that really work.
  • Organising time to dedicate to business building can be a problem. Learn about some empowerment techniques as well as some ideas on time management.

“I just want to buy a copy!”

  • Scared of writing advertisements? There is whole chapter devoted to becoming your own copywriter. Understand how to produce a cost-effective brochure yourself. Don’t ever be bamboozled by advertising agencies again.
  • Frustrated that you can’t get your message across or you that you can’t stay in touch with your customers? Discover the power of newsletters and learn how to have your own on-line communication tool.
  • Are you reluctant to use the telephone to initiate a sales relationship? It’s certainly no secret that everyone else is too! Learn some easy strategies for overcoming your fears and harness the power of the telephone.
  • Understand the long-term nature of the hotel business and find out how to develop good local sales relationships.
  • And finally, when you have learnt all this, you will be able to put it all together in an ‘easy to follow’ Marketing Action Plan.

Written in a very down to earth style, this book could change your life. Just implementing some of the revenue generating ‘secrets’ could improve your bottom line by thousands.

And with all the time you have saved and the revenue you have generated, you will be able to put some thought into your next venture… or you could take a holiday!

Who wrote this?

Michael Cockman wrote this book based on his 25 years experience, both as a Marketing Director for hotel companies with hotels in UK, South Pacific and Europe and also as a coach and mentor to owners of independent hotels.

Although very much a practical guide, all the activities are set against a sound theoretical background. Indeed Michael has recently been appointed a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

‘Putting Heads on Beds’ is published by HowtoBooks, who have a strong portfolio of practical books geared to helping people do better in their business and their personal life.

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