Successful letting rooms can transform business profitability

I have been specialising in developing and marketing pub letting rooms for over 10 years; it is likely that I have come across most of the issues that affect letting room investment.

These specially designed resources have been developed as a result of helping hundreds of individual operators in many of the UK’s major pub companies and family breweries. I am able to:

  • Offer specialist advice to aid corporate decision-making
  • Advise and support tenants/lessees trying to maximise their letting room revenue

It is unfortunate that adding letting rooms to a pub can sometimes end in tears, since when done successfully they can transform business profitability.

Why is it that some companies now shy away from letting room investment? Do they consider it to be unprofitable or maybe just too difficult?

To me it is all about being realistic and making the investment work for both parties. Over the long-term, companies may need to temper their usual payback criteria? At the same time lessees need to continually to invest capital and time.

I am always available to talk through your situation.