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As an experienced hotel marketing consultant I can help you with hotel marketing strategies to boost hotel occupancy and profits.

Dear Colleague

Over the last few years I have worked with proprietors of over 100 hotels, pubs with rooms and B&Bs. Some of them I continue to work with, since they have appreciated that success with rooms does not come overnight and the harder and longer you work at hotel marketing the more successful you will be.

What they have all understood is that you must get the fundamentals right before you have a hope of improving your room performance. For example featuring on Online Travel Agencies is probably vital, but even this does not guarantee you reservations; there are hundreds of other issues you must get right too.

My aim is to develop tools and resources to help you maximise revenue from your rooms. Whether you have just a few rooms or you have a larger hotel, the challenges for the independent operator are very real.

Which of these resources would help you most?

“Putting Heads on Beds”

This practical guide to marketing your independent hotel or guest accommodation covers most of the tools and techniques that you will need to make a success of any business that involves guest bedrooms.

Click on the book cover for more information and links to online booksellers.

Individual Help to Maximise Room Revenue

Whether you are new to the hospitality business or just need some new ideas, I can help you, as I have helped others, to improve your room revenue. Extra room revenue has a huge impact on hotel or pub profits; in today's very competitive environment it is incremental improvements that will be the key to your success.

Here you will find some all-inclusive programmes, such as the Letting Room “Healthcheck” but I can also give tailored proposals.


Michael Cockman


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